Interesting collection of six extremely rare German prints from the Reformation era, including a picture Bible, all dressed in a strictly contemporary binding

1185. [Bible - Illustration]


Biblia veteris testamenti et historiae, artificiosis picturis effigiata. Biblische historien, kuenstlich fuergemalet.

Frankfurt (M.), H. Gülfferich, 1553

8vo: [72] ff.; 139 woodcuts (some dampstaining in the upper and lower margins throughout).

Contemp. German panel-stamped dated and monogrammed pigskin, orn. boards with fillets, medallions, and central flower stems, spine with 4 raised bands, brass clasps and catches (corners def., blind-st. decor. on lower board sl. flattened).

Bound with, same printer, as often: 1. Novi Testamenti, Jesu Christi Historia effigiata. Das New Testament und Histori Christi fuergebildet. [1554]. [56] ff.; 108 woodcuts. - 2. Apocalypsis S. Joannis. Die Offenbarung S. Johannis. 1553. [16 of which 1 bl.] ff.; 26 woodcuts.
Extremely rare bible in Latin and German divided into three parts and fully illustrated with 273 woodcuts in-text. The Old Testament is illustrated with 139 scenes, the New with 108 and the Apocalypse with 26. The three titles are printed in red & black, the first adorned with a frame monogrammed "HB" for Hans Burgkmaier, the other two with a woodcut vign. Large woodcut printer's device at the end of each part.
Ref. VD16 B-2558 (O.T.), B-2564 (N.T.), B-5274 (Apocalypsis). - USTC 616584 (O.T.), 678619 (N.T.), 612326 (Apocalypsis). - Not in Adams or Machiels.
Followed by: 1. De vera Christi Ecclesia libelli duo lecti dignissimi: quorum alter a Cornelio Croco Amstelredamo editus [...] alter vero a D. Jacobo Latomo Theologo conscriptus [...]. [Cologne?, s.n., ca. 1545]. [108] ff. It contains writings in defense of the Catholic Church by two alumni of Leuven, a treatise on the authority of the Church of Rome by Cornelius Petrus Croock (ca. 1500-1550) and two polemical epistles by Jacques Latomus or Masson (ca. 1475-1544), including a refutation of Melanchthon's "De Ecclesia". Ref. VD-16 C6049. - 2. Evangiles et sermons dominicaux en latin. S.l., s.n., s.d. [38 (of 40)] ff. (A1 et A2 missing). Ref. VD16 C-6049 ("Köln ?, ca. 1545" for the first work). - 3. Macer Albimoenius, Caspar - Odae III. de Victoria Christi. Addita est de Christi laudibus Elegia. Ingolstadt, A. & S. Weissenhorn, 1557. [8] ff. (lower corner of title missing). Ref. VD16 M-25.
Prov. Paul Vertongen (bookpl.). - M.S. 1557 (supralibros).

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