205. [Flemish]

VAN AUDENAERDE, Robert. After Andrea Mantegna

Civilii Caesaris Dictatoris Triumphi.

Rome, Domenico de Rossi, 1692

10 engravings, 51,5 x 41 cm, laid paper, signed in the plate at lower margin (sl. toned, some minor tears at margins, all 9 pl. with vert. folding crease, hardly affecting the image).

In cardb. marb. folder.

Rare complete series of frontispiece and 9 plates by Robert Van Audenaerde after Mantegna's paintings of the "Triumphs of Caesar"; a series of nine large paintings originally created by the Italian Renaissance artist between 1484 and 1492 for the Gonzaga Ducal Palace, Mantua. They depict a triumphal military parade celebrating the victory of Julius Caesar in the Gallic Wars. Acknowledged from the time of Mantegna as his greatest masterpiece, these plates remain the most complete pictorial representation of a Roman triumph ever attempted and together they form the world's largest metric area of Italian Renaissance paintings outside Italy. Acquired by Charles I in 1629, they now form part of the Royal Collection at Hampton Court Palace near London, where they occupy a special gallery. The Triumphs of Caesar were described as "the best thing Mantegna ever painted" by Giorgio Vasari. They rapidly became extremely famous throughout Europe, principally through copies in print form, of which many different versions were made, starting with a contemporary set from Mantegna's own workshop. This series by the Ghent printmaker Robert Van Audenaerde (1663–1748) is one the most impressive renderings of the paintings, commissioned in Rome by Cardinal Panciatico. All numbered at lower right, and engraved Latin text by Antonio Barbey.
Ref. Not in Hollstein. - Carla Cerati, "Robert van Audenaerde e il Trionfo di Cesare nel segno di Andrea Mantegna", Il Bulino 41 (2006).

€ 700 / 1.000

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