25. [French school - Ornaments]

Circle of SALAMBIER, Henri

17 designs for Rococo ornament.

[Paris], ca. 1780

Drawings, red chalk (sanguine), laid paper with French watermarks, various sizes and conditions.

Loose sheets.

A rich collection of floral ornaments for Rococo decorations, mostly palmettes and arabesques. The style and typology is very close to that of Henri Salambier (1753-1820), who was one of the crucial designers in the development of the Louis XVI-style. In 1780 he published his "Cahier d'Arabesques". These drawings are possibly associated with the creation of this publication.
Joined: 1. Salambier, H. - Leaf-ornament from the 6th Cahier d'Arabesques. 1780. Mezzotint in red ink, 20,5 x 28,4 cm, signed in plate "Salambier delin.".-- 2. Anonymous - Rococo ornament print. Ca. 1780. Mezzotint in red ink, 29 x 22,8 cm, unsigned. (19 pcs)

€ 100 / 120

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