596. [World]

A lot of ca. 112 engr.

17th -20th c

Various techniques, various sizes.

Mostly loose, some under passe-partout.

A Ptolemaic Sphere, a celestial map by J.H. Fritsch. - 15 maps of Europe, including the British Isles, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Bohemia, Switzerland and 2 town plans of Lier and Mechelen by Bonne, Fricx, H. Hondius, Janvier, van Langren, Sanson and Rizzi Zannoni. - 11 maps, town plans and topographical scenes of Russia and Asia (Ardebil, Derbendt, Isphahan, Kaschan, Kom, Schamachie, Soltania, Terki), some from Pieter van der Aa's town atlases and 2 bird's-eye views (Xavier, Fuli) from Des Marchais. - 3 maps of Africa (Congo, Guinea, Nubia) by Bonne. - 6 maps by Thomas Bowen, mostly engraved for "Bankes's New System of Universal Geography" and 7 plates with local costume, dance and other topographical aspects by Grignion for the same work. - 3 world or continental maps from the "Atlas Universel" by Vivien de Saint-Martin and F. Schrader. - 4 maps of Belgium and the Netherlands by A.K. Johnston from the "National Atlas". - 1 map of the Holy Land by J. & H. Keur. - 32 maps from the Atlas Migeon, 9 from Justus Perthes' Atlas and 14 maps from Stieler's Handatlas. - 4 engr. of cities and regions in Belgium and the Netherlands for the Geographical Dictionary, M.A. Thiers' "Histoire de la Révolution française" a.o. topographical or historical reference works, by Thomas Lediard, Robert etc. - 6 engr. by J. Brown, Delalain, Poirson etc. for school atlases. - 2 lithographs by Deroy and Henshall of Beaucaire and Paris. - The "Lykstatie van de paus" by Hendrik Elandt (ca. 1700) and 5 pl. with flags, ships, a fish house and Kitteries.

€ 250 / 400

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