Franz Liszt in Mechelen

1026. [Autograph]

LISZT, Franz

"Galop chromatique.

Malines, 10 mars [18]41"

Wove paper, 24,7 x 27 cm, signed and dated (some clear spotting on recto, 2 brown spots and traces of tape on central vow on verso).

From the hand of Franz Liszt (1811-1886), two musical bars from his famous "Galop chromatique" in E-flat major, a "bravura" or virtuosic passage he composed in 1838.
Liszt first concert tour in Belgium took place from February 9th till March 14th, 1841. During that period he gave performances in Bruges (March 6th), Antwerp (7th), Liège (12th), Brussels (13th), and other places; then he left for Paris on the 14th. On several occasions he played the "Galop" and it is quite possible that, traveling from Antwerp to Liège, he passed by Mechelen on March 10th, giving there a private concert and signing this exceptional autograph as a souvenir for one of his numerous fans.
Ref. Haine, Malou - "La première tournée de concerts de Franz Liszt en Belgique en 1841", in Revue belge de Musicologie, 56, 2002, pp. 241-278.
Prov. Mme Hynderick de Theulegoet, possibly Marie-Jeanne Reyntiens (1852-1923, married to Gaston Hynderick) who gave it to Lucien Tonnelier. - L. Tonnelier (1860-1932), lawyer and musician who often accompanied Elisabeth, Queen of the Belgians, on piano and gave also piano lessons to her daughter Princess Marie-Josée ("[...] donné après l'exécution chez elle de la sonate de Liszt la Sospiro, la Campanella etc... en 1902"; ms. mention). - By descent to the present owner.
We thank M. Gilbert Huybens for his kind help in preparing this entry.

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