The most influential picture Bible of the 16th century

77. [Flemish]

Album with Gerard de Jode's "Thesaurus" of the Old and New Testament.

Antwerp, widow and heirs of Gerard de Jode, c. 1592-1600

294 hand-coloured engravings, various dimensions, laid paper, various signatures, most with address of Gerard de Jode, 1 series with address of widow of Gerard de Jode, elaborate Spanish ms. notes and fol. in pen (trimmed on platemark, some creases and stains, some tears strengthened).

Good impressions, carefully hand-coloured. Laid down on laid paper (c. 28,7 x 37,8 cm; few sm. water stains and tears on edges). In contemp. marbled calf, gilt-orn. spine with raised bands and red morocco title label "BIBLIA / SACRA", red edges (restored, sm. defects, 1st few sheets sl. loose).

Hand-coloured copy of the "Theasaurus", the highly influential picture Bible and magnum opus of the Antwerp print publisher Gerard de Jode (c. 1516-1591). Originally published by Gerard de Jode in 1579 (Old Testament only), 1585 (New Testament added) and 1585-1591 (later versions), the "Thesaurus" was subsequently printed by his widow and heirs in 1592-1600 with some plates added (4th ed. of 11). All engravings are states before the address of Claes Jansz. Visscher (c. 1586-1652), who published the 1st Amsterdam ed. in 1639. The extraordinary ensemble provides a large overview of the Dutch and Flemish artists working in printmaking in the late 16th c. The following designers and engravers are included: Hans Bol, Peeter van der Borcht, Crispijn van den Broeck, Maarten van Cleve, Gillis Coignet, Adriaen Collaert, Hans Collaert I, Michiel Coxie, Joannes and Lucas van Doetecum, Ambrosius Francken, Petrus Jalhea Furnius, Philips Galle, Gerard van Groeningen, Maarten van Heemskerck, Frans Menton, Harmen Jansz. Muller, Johannes Sadeler I, Jan Snellinck, Maarten de Vos, Hans Vredeman de Vries, Adriaen de Weerdt, Antonius Wierix II, Hieronymus Wierix, Johannes Wierix.
Our copy includes the following series from the
Old Testament: Table of contents (NHD 2, bound at the end of the Old Testament), The creation of the world and fall of man (NHD 4, 11), Cain and Abel (NHD 12-14, complete), Noah and the flood (NHD 16-17), The tower of Babel (NHD 18-20, complete), Abraham (NHD 30-31), Lot (NHD 32-35, complete), Jacob and Esau (NHD 37), Dinah and Shechem (NHD 42-43), The twelve patriarchs (NHD 46-47, 49), Joseph (NHD 50-51, 54-56), Moses and the pharaoh (NHD 58-64), Moses in the desert (NHD 65-67, 69-70), Balaam (NHD 71, 73-74), Joshua (NHD 75-78, 80-81, 84), The twelve judges of Israel (NHD 85-90, complete), Gideon (NHD 91, 93-94), Jephtah (NHD 95-98, complete), Samson (NHD 99-101, complete), Samson (NHD 102-105, complete), Ruth (NHD 106-109, complete), David and Saul (NHD 110-113, complete), David and Abigail (NHD 114-117, complete), David and Bathsheba (NHD 119-120, 122), David and Absalom (NHD 123-126, complete), Solomon (NHD 127-130, complete), Jeroboam (NHD 131-136, complete), Elijah and the prophets of Baal (NHD 137-140), Elijah and Elisha (NHD 141-144, complete), Joash and Queen Athaliah (NHD 145-148, complete), Hezakiah and Sennacherib (NHD 149-152, complete), Esther and Ahasuerus (NHD 166-168), Job (NHD 169-172, complete), Esdras (NHD 175-176), Tobias (NHD 183-188, complete), Judith and Holofernes (NHD 191-193), Jeremiah (NHD 194, 197), Susanna (NHD 198-201, complete), Daniel (NHD 202-207, complete), The kings of Judah (NHD 208, 210-213, 215), The Maccabees (NHD 217-224, complete), Jonah (NHD 225, 228), Prophets of the Old Testament (NHD 230).
It also includes the following series from the
New Testament: Title plate (NHD 234), The youth of Christ (NHD 244-247, 249), Events in and around the temple (NHD 250-254, complete), Scenes from the life of St John the Baptist and Christ (NHD 258-259, 259 bound after The works of Christ), The parable of the sower and the seed (NHD 260-263, complete), The twelve miracles of Christ (NHD 264-275, complete), The parable of the talents (NHD 276-281, complete), Twelve parables from the New Testament (NHD 282-291, 293), The parable of the unmerciful servant (NHD 294-297, complete), The parable of the prodigal son (NHD 298-301, complete), The works of Christ (NHD 303, 307-309), Conversions of sinners (NHD 310-315, complete), Events in and around the temple (NHD 316-324), The seven acts of mercy (NHD 326-332), The Passion of Christ (NHD 333-348 as often replaced by NHD 412-413, 416-417, 420-423), Appearances of the resurrected Christ (NHD 349-354, complete), Acts of the Apostles (published by the widow of Gerard de Jode, printed per 2, NHD 496-507, complete), Christ, the Apostles and St Paul with the Creed (printed per 2, NHD 481, 493), The revelation of St John (NHD 361-384).
Ref. New Hollstein (Gerard de Jode) 1-392.
Prov. Spanish collector (ms. notes). - O'Sullivan, Irish family (armorial bookplate).

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