Extraordinary monastery work of the 18th century

831. [Devotion - Canivet]

H. Maria. "Immaculata Conceptio".

18th c

Canivet on parchment, 28,5 x 18 cm, gouache and watercolour, gilt (border sl. browned).

Beautiful and extremely fine canivet in a large format without any defects figuring Mary in a medallion crushing a serpent's head, an angel on both her sides, one of which holds her a mirror with the inscription "sine maccula". In the upper rim above her the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, at her feet a rising flower. The spaces in between are filled with the finest lacework in the form of tendrils and scattered flowers. Medallion, large flower, scattered flowers and inscription executed in gouache and watercolours. The border of the medallion and the border in gold and silver.

€ 600 / 800

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