965. [Italy - Venice]


Supplementum Summae Pisanellae. [and] Alexander de Nevo - Consilia contra Judaeos foenerantes [with] Astesanus de Ast - Canones poenitentiales.

(Venice, s.n., 1 Jan. 1479/1480)

4to: [378 (of 380)] ff., 50 ll., 2 col., Gothic types (2 ff. of quire 11 missing, sm. wormholes on 1st and last quire, occ. light water stains, f. 1 blank strengthened, contemp. ms. annot.).

Italian binding: contemp. calf, covers with blind- and roll-stamped borders and flower tools, spine with 3 raised bands, spr. edges, later metal clasp & catch (spine skillfully repaired). Very nice copy.

Early edition (1st: 1473) of Nicolaus de Ausmo's (d. 1453) "Supplementum Summae Pisanellae", an alphabetically arranged supplement to the "Summa de casibus conscientiae" of Bartholomew of San Concordio (d. 1347). Printed as usual with Astesanus de Ast's (d. ca. 1330) "Canones poenitentiales", taken from his principal work, the "Summa de casibus conscientiae". Alexander de Nevo's (d. 1484) "Consilia contra judaeos", a treatise against the Jewish moneylenders, joined editions of the "Supplementum" from 1476. This edition is a piratical reprint of an edition by Leonardus Wild, dated 1479. The type is extremely close to Wild's, but not exact, and it is a page-for-page reprint of his edition. First ff. rubricated in red.
Ref. ISTC in00071200. - GW M26271. - BMC V:583. - Goff N-70. - CIBN N-38.
Prov. Mod. armorial bookpl. - "SN" (unidentified stamp).

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€ 1.200 / 1.600

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