Splendid copy of this first edition

1028. [Hainaut]

GUISE, Jacques de

Le premier [- tiers] volume des Illustrations de la Gaulle Belgique, antiquitez du pays de Haynnau, et de la gra[n]d[e] cité de Belges: a présent dicte Bavay, dont procèdent les chaussées de Brunehault [...]. Et de plusieurs princes q[ui] ont regné, [...] jusques au duc Philippes de Bourgongne, dernier décédé.

Paris, [G. de Bossozel for] Fr. Regnault & G. du Pré (I-II), [A. Cousteau for] G. du Pré (III), 1531 (I-II) - 1532 (III)

3 parts in 1 vol., folio: [8]-cxlii [= 141]-[1], [4]-i/lxxviii-[6]-lxxix/lxxxii, cviii ff. (sl. toned, occ. spotting, quire a6 of part III bound between the 2 last quires of part II).

19th-c. midnight blue signed Chambolle-Duru 1886, covers with central gilt coat of arms, flat spine, edges with gilt double fillet, a.e.g., gilt inside dentelles (spine sl. darkened).

First edition of the Middle French translation by the Franciscan Jacques de Guise (1340-1399) of the "Annales historiae illustrium principum Hannoniae", and supplementary chronicles. Titles within elaborate woodcut border with name of Galliot du Pré. Ill. with 2 full-page woodcuts figuring presentation scene with Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy in part I (repeated twice), a French King in his Parliament in part III, and a large woodcut figuring a copyist in his scriptorium in part III, numerous initials, some criblé, in different sizes. Titles of parts I-II in red and black with Renaissance architectural border. Printed in Gothic type, in 2 col.
Ref. BP16 106707 (I-II) & 106973 (III). - Bechtel (Gothiques) G-392. - De Troeyer 195 (I). - Renouard, ICP, IV:178 (I-II) & 440 (III). - Pettegree FB 24567, 24568, 24570. - STC French (BL) Suppl. 40. - Not in Adams.
Prov. Amaury de Ghellinck d'Elseghem Vaernewyck (1851-1919) & Marie-Sophie de T'Serclaes (1856-1932) (gilt arms of alliance on covers; ref. Jonge III:731/732). - 2 modern engr. arm. bookpl.

€ 2.000 / 3.000

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