963. [Germany - Speyer]


Officii misse totiusq[ue] Canonis expositio.

[Speyer], J[ohann and] C[onrad] H[ist, ca. 1487]

Folio: [1]-lxxxix-[6] ff., 45 ll., in 2 col., Gothic types (browning, some spotting, water stains in the first and last ff., worm holes in the first ff., 2 corners torn, one tear repaired, fully annotated by a contemp. hand).

Modern vellum Bradel (sm. stains on front cover).

Rare early incunable edition (1st ed.: 1478) of this treatise on the Mass by the scholastic theologian Bernardus de Parentinis (d. 1340). The ideas elaborated in this work were fundamental to the reorganisation of the Mass in the 16th century. Fully rubricated: initials and paragraph marks in red, capitals touched in yellow.
Ref.: ISTC ip00111000. - GW M29413. - BMC II:503. - BSB-Ink B-341. - CIBN B-324. - Polain 610.
Prov. "Conventus Leodien. ff. Minor. Recollect.", Recollects from Liège (ms. entry, 17th c.). - Early ms. entry on title erased.

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