684. [Spanish Low Countries - Letters patent]


Letters patent of provost general of the Hotel of the King delivered to the Spaniard Bartholomé Rodriguez Agraz, said red Verge ("rouge Verge").

Brussels, 11 April 1668

1 f. (49 x 60 cm), on vellum, in French (with contemp. ms. annot. on back, seal used).

Seal (Ø 13 cm) with seated King on the obverse and with his coat of arms on the reverse.
Ref. Proost, J.J.E. - "Le prévôt général de l'Hôtel. Ses attributions, ses prérogatives", Annales de l'Académie d'archéologie de Belgique, 33 (1876), pp. 160-164.

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€ 250 / 400

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