795. [Portrait]

6 portraits from the periodical "Galerie Contemporaine Littéraire, Artistique".

[Paris, Goupil & Cie, ca. 1877]

Woodburytypes, 23,2 x 18,7 cm, pasted on printed mounts.


1. Nadar (cliché) - Marc de Montifaud. The French free-thinker and author writing under male nom de plume. Marie-Amélie Chartroule de Montifaud (1849-1912) is one of the rare women to appear in this series. - 2. Carjat, É. (cliché) - Alexandre Dumas. Well-known French writer (1802-1870). - 3. Nadar (cliché) - Marie Pape-Carpantier. French educator (1815-1878) who played a major part in revolutionizing education in French schools. Just as M. de Montifaud she was a feminist. - 4. Bertall (cliché) - Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve. French literary critic (1804-1869). - 5. Mulnier (cliché) - Juliette Lambert. Pseud. of Juliette Adam, French author and feminist (1836-1936). - 6. Adam-Salomon - Ernest Renan. French Orientalist and Semitic scholar (1823-1892).

€ 120 / 180

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