1496. [Theology]

Verklaring van de geheele Heilige Schrift, door eenigen van de voornaamste Engelsche godgeleerden.

Amsterdam, I. Tirion, J. Loveringh, 1740-1757

16 vol., folio (vol. 12 missing; spotting, browning and dampstaining, frayed edges, ms. annotations, marks and underlinings in pencil and ink, some ff. loose or loosening).

Contemp. half calf with corners, spine with 6 raised bands (used, rubbed and bumped). Uncut copy.

Interesting set of this extensive exegesis on the Old and New Testament by Patrick, Poole (Polus) and Wells. The work is named after, a.o., Simon Patrick, an Anglican bishop who lived from 1626 to 1707. His work formed the basis for the commentaries on Genesis through the Song of Songs. The Dutch compilers have supplemented his work with the comments of Matthew Poole, a non-conformist pastor from Amsterdam. Geographical data of all kinds has been taken from the works of rector and cartographer Edward Wells. The editors also made use of the marginal notes in the Geneva Bible - the forerunner of the King James Bible - and comments from other persons. The New Testament is largely from Baptist and self-taught John Gill, who was well versed in the original languages. He can be seen as a forerunner of Joseph Charles Philpot. The work is an excellent addition to Matthew Henry's Bible statement. Fully interleaved copy with extra plates from "Icones biblicae veteris et N. Testamenti" and "Physica Sacra" by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer. Totaling 22 title vign., 25 headpieces, 124 full-page pl., 53 double-page pl., 18 in-text engravings on 9 leaves and 8 double-page maps: "Carte de la situation du paradis terrestre" by D. Huet, "Nieuwe kaart van de verspreiding der volkeren" by Tirion and Loveringh, "Nieuwe kaart van Canaan en de omliggende landen" by Tirion and Loveringh, "Voyage des enfants d'Israel" by Covens and Mortier, "Nieuwe kaart van de reizen der Israëliten uit Egypte naar Kanaan" by Tirion and Loveringh, "Nieuwe kaart van het Joodsche land" by Tirion and Loveringh, "Kaart van de landen en plaatsen in de handelingen der apostelen gemeld" by Tirion and Loveringh and "Bijzondere kaart van de landen daar de apostelen het evangelium gepredikt hebben" by Covens and Mortier. So our copy contains more than the normally 6 maps and 2 tables, but misses volume 12.
Ref. STCN. - Poortman II:173 (J.J. Scheuchzer).
Prov. Ms. entry on flyleaf 1st vol. - Ms. label on flyleaf vol. 2.

€ 500 / 700

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