588. [Holy Land]

BONFILS, Félix; SÉBAH, Pascal; ZANGAKI, Constantinos & George

Set of 99 photos from the Holy Land.

Late 19th c

Albumen silver prints, 22 x 29,2 cm, mounted on cardboard, several signed by the photographer on the photo, some with caption on the photo.

Fascinating collection of photographs of the main monuments and historic places in the Holy Land and its surrounding countries. Jerusalem: Church of Saint Anne, Mosque of Omar, embalming stone at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Grotto of the Agony, Valley of Josaphat, Calvary, Ecce Homo Arch, Church of the Flagellation, Dome of the Rock, the Golden Gate, Church of the Nativity, David's Tomb, Kidron Valley, the Western Wall, etc. Damascus: Shrine of John the Baptist in the Umayyad Mosque. Cairo: Tombs of the Mamluks, Port Said and its lighthouse, Al-Azhar Mosque, El-Gesr Street in Shubra (almost entirely covered with trees), Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Shepherds Hotel, New Hotel, Tombs of the Khalifs, street-, panoramic-, and general views. Ramleh: Tower of the forty martyrs. Baalbek: Temple of the Sun, Temple of Jupiter, Roman and other ruins, the Cyclopean Wall, the Acropolis, etc. Egypt: Pyramid of Djoser, Pyramid of Khafre, Alexandria Port, the Obelisk of Heliopolis at Matarieh. General views of Bethany, Bethlehem, Jericho, Damascus, Jaffa and Beirut. Animated views: man on a dromedary, a street market, snake charmers, loaded camels, camel drivers, an antiquity shop, an Arab woman riding a donkey, a veiled woman holding a pitcher, a camel market, etc. Photographers: Bonfils (1831-1891), French photographer working in the Middle East and one of the first commercial photographers to produce images of the Middle East on a large scale; Zangaki George and Constantinos, working in Egypt and Algeria from 1870 to 1880 who specialised in photographing ancient monuments and scenes of everyday life, and Sébah (1823-1886), photographer in Constantinople (now Istanbul) and Cairo, who produced a prolific number of images of Egypt to serve the tourist trade.

€ 700 / 900

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