142. [Flemish]

After VAN DYCK, Anthony

Icones Principum Virorum.

Antwerp, 1632-1660

Various sizes, techniques and conditions.

Overall, in very good condition, some foxing and age-related toning.

Impressive collection of 125 original prints from Van Dyck's series "Icones Principum Virorum". The plan of this publication took shape after Van Dyck returned from Italy (1626) and before he went to England (1632). He made careful preparatory drawings in chalk and brush for the publication. He directed and revised the work of the best engravers of the Rubens workshop such as Lucas Vorsterman, Schelte Adamsz. Bolswert, Paulus Pontius, Pieter de Jode, Robert van der Voest, Jacob Neefs. After Van Dyck's death in 1641, the series was continued and knew many re-editions. The project is regarded as one of the most ambitious undertakings in portrait printmaking in Europe. The present collection includes many rare and sought-after portraits such as that of Justus Lipsius, Anthonis Cornelissen, Frans Sneyders, Lucas Vorsterman, Adriaen Brouwer, Peter Paul Rubens, Martinus Pepyn, Artus Wolfart, Willem Hondius, Sebastian Vranckx, Jacob Jordaens, Cornelis van Poelenburg, Erycius Puteanus, Spinola, Don Alvares, Maria de' Medici, Catherine Howard, Cornelis van der Geest, Nicolaes Rockox, Nicolas de Peiresc, Antonius de Tassis, Palamedes Palamedesz, and Alexander Scaglia. Also the title-page with bust of Van Dyck is included. Many early states, published by Martinus vanden Enden.
Ref. Mauquoy-Hendrickx, "L' iconographie d'Anthoine Van Dyck", Bruxelles 1991.
. Joseph-Guillaume-Jean Camberlyn (1783-1861) (stamp on verso, Lugt 514). - Heinrich Wolff (1793-1875) (stamp on verso, Lugt 1392). - Henry Brodhurst (ca. 1850-1885) (stamp on verso, Lugt 1296). - Paul Davidsohn (1839-1924) (stamp on verso, Lugt 654). - Marseille Holloway (ca. 1850-1910) (stamp on verso, Lugt 1875).

€ 2.000 / 3.000

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