542. [Atlas - Historical]


Theatrum orbis terrarum. [Parergon and Nomenclatura].

Antwerp, Plantin Press, 1595 [1624]

Large folio: front.-engr. portrait-[8 incl. title]-21 maps-[40] pp., mostly delicately old hand-coloured (front. with repaired margins, maps on new guards, some upper margins trimmed, "Peregrinatio divi Pauli" loosely inserted, right margins pp. 21 and 25 trimmed, 2 maps added).

19th-c. leather, blind tooled covers with portraits of Lucretia, Judith, Mater Dei and Justitia (spine, corners and edges bumped).

A fine composite atlas, assembled from different editions, in particular: 1. general title and the portrait of the 1595 edition of the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum", 2. chapter title and 16 (of 32) pl. of the chapter Parergon (1595 ed.), 3. 3 pl. of the Parergon edition independently published by B. Moretus (1624 ed.) as a separate book with many of the maps drawn by Ortelius himself: "Peregrinatio divi Pauli typus chorographicus" (v), "Lumen historiarum per occidentem" (vii), "Ulyssis Errores" (xl-xli), 4. Nomenclatura Ptolemaicus (again 1595 ed.). Through its composition and provenance, this copy provides an interesting insight into the history of the Parergon as an independent work. Incl. an old world map and the historical geography of Belgium, Germany, Tuscany, Egypt, Africa, etc., as well as 2 imaginary views "Tempe" and "Daphne".
Enriched with: 1. "Latium campania et Samnium [...]". Leiden, Heirs P. vander Aa, s.d. - 2. Greek map of Sicily.
Ref. van der Krogt IIIA [31:051] (1595) - [31:711] (1624). - Bulletin et annales de l'Académie d'archéologie de Belgique 36 (1880), pp. 214-215.
Prov. "Espoire non crainte / Laurent de Prémonteau " and "Liesse en deuil / Delmont" (id. text to epigraph of Charlotte Delmont, wife of Jean Laurent de Prémonteaux et d'Audregnies, d. 1604).

€ 3.500 / 5.000

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