945. [Atlas - World]


Theatro de la tierra universal.

Antwerp, C. Plantin, 1588

Large folio: [12 incl. front. and portrait]-[8] pp.; 76 (of 100) pl., old hand-coloured (front. folded, pp. A1-A4 bound before maps, 24 maps missing: 5. America, 6. Hispania Nova, 31. Luxembourg, 32. Gelderen, 33. Liège, 35. Namur, 36. Hainaut, 40. Netherlands, 44. Denmark, 57. Salzburg, 58. Bavaria, 60. Württemberg, 62. Switzerland, 76. Sicily, 78. Cyprus, 90. Scandinavia, 92. Tartary, 93. China, 94. India, 95. Persia, 96. Turkey, 97. Terra Sancta, 98. Asia Minor, 99. Land of Prester John; pl. 4, 34, 39, 100 detached from guards, pl. 4 -Africa- part. torn apart with remaining piece sticked to the guards, some central foldings split).

Contemp. white ivory vellum over pasteboards, gilt-ruled and gilt centerpiece (inner joint broken, remains of 2 ribbons, brown stains).

Lavishly coloured first Spanish translation of Ortelius' magnum opus, the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum". Translated by Balthasar Vincentius on the initiative of C. Plantin himself. With its publication Plantin tried to propitiate the Spanish King after his stay in Calvinistic Leiden. One of the 255 printed copies including the engraved allegorical title with female personifications of the 5 continents, Ortelius' portrait in a large engraved medaillon with Renaissance borders, 76 (of 100) maps, all delicately hand-coloured and with Spanish text on verso. Comprising the world map in its 2nd state with the old South American coastline (Ref. vdB Ort 2), 3 (of 4) continental maps (America missing), and maps of European regions and countries (maps of Tartary, China, India, Persia, Turkey, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, and the Land of Prester John missing). With additional short appendices on trade routes and local products, considered to be more useful for the vernacular edition than any scientific discourse. A landmark in the history of cartography outlining the standards for all later atlases with text and maps in a uniform format and presentation!
Ref. van der Krogt IIIA [31:431].

€ 20.000 / 30.000

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