1124. [Miniature - Germany]

[The gathering of Manna and a Dominican friar reading mass].

[Swabia, 1475-1500]

Miniature painting on vellum, 12,2 cm diameter, watercolour and gold leaf, pen with black and red ink on verso.

Stuck on cardboard paper.

Round miniatiature initial separated by a curved S-shape in two parts. The upper section represents three Jewish figures gathering manna falling from the heavens during the Exodus. On the right a horned Moses is seen. The bottom section shows a Dominican friar celebrating mass in front of a monstrance and an altar. The manna-scene clearly serves as a prefiguration of the Holy host in the monstrance below. The fragment probably belonged to a Dominican Antiphon and the verso side contains musical staffs and text fragments. The stylistic elements in the illumination point to a workshop in Southern Germany, probably in Swabia. Comparable in style is a copy of around 1455 of Johannes Hartlieb's "Buch aller verboten Kunste" (Dresden Sächsische Landesbibliothek Mscr. Dred. M 59). The idea of separating the scenes can also be found in the "Biblia Deutsch", publ. by Johann Sensenschmidt in Nuremberg between 1476 and 1478.

€ 2.000 / 4.000

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