20. [Flemish]

GALLE, Theodoor

Miracula et beneficia SS. Rosario Virginis Matris devotis a deo opt. max. collata.

Antwerp, Th. Galle, 1610

8vo: engr. title-15 pl., 15,5 x 9 cm (very lightly toned).

Mod. quarter vellum, marbl. paper boards.

Very rare first edition of this set with a frontispiece and 15 finely engraved plates by Th. Galle. Each numbered pl. shows multiple scenes, with miracles performed by the Virgin Mary, and with Dominican friars (interior views, martyr scenes, battle views, ...). With engraved commentary captions by Albertus de Castello at the bottom of the pl. According to STCV, this set was sometimes sold separately, and sometimes bound as part of the work by V. Hensberch "Wonderlijcke schoone gratien ende mirakelen [...] door de verdiensten van het heyligh roosen-kransken" (Antwerp, J. Moretus, 1610; STCV 12915725).
Ref. STCV 12922820. - Imhof (Moretus) H-3 (note 3).

€ 250 / 300

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