Unknown Dutch book of Hours

935. [Book of Hours - Utrecht]

Getijdenboek. Use of Utrecht.

[2nd half of 15th c.]

8vo (16,5 x 13 cm): [114] ff., on vellum, in Dutch, written in a red and brown textura (text area: 11 x 8 cm), 16 ll. (occ. soiling, cut short).

Later (?) calf, covers ruled by blindstamped triple fillet in the manner of 16th-c. binding, spine with raised bands (lower board loosening, head with def.).

Contains: Calendar, Hours of the Virgin ("onser liever vrouwen getijde"), Seven Penitential Psalms and Litany ("De vii psalm[en]"), Hours of the Cross ("De cruys cruus getij[de]"), Office of the Dead ("Die vigilia").
Decoration: Fully illuminated and alternating two-line pen-flourished red or blue initials with large branches in the margins, two- to six-line gilt initials, red or blue capitals.
Illumination: 2 large miniatures (9,5 x 5,5 cm) within full decorated borders heightened with liquid gold figuring the Christ in Majesty and the Office of the Dead (with four clergymen and three hooded mourners), with large background in liquid gold (the face of the Christ and of one monk are sl. faded). Our manuscript also contains 16 leaves with three-quarter floral border heightened with liquid gold.
Localisation: The calendar and the quality of the penworks made by strong or weak curved lines, ending with waving lines or with pearls and stars, indicate that our manuscript should have been conceived in a workshop located in Utrecht. The iconographic layout and the somewhat coarse acanthus-decoration in blue and purple indicate the work of an Utrecht artist, Antonis Rogiersz. uten Broec, illuminator from the Northern Netherlands, working both in the Southern and Northern Netherlands, who was born in Utrecht and died there in 1468-1469. He was formerly known as the Master of the Boston City of God. The simplified form of the iconographic program designates our artist as a follower or a follower of a follower of Antonis Rogiersz. Uten Broec. Our manuscript could have been copied in a religious house, as the names of Augustine and Mary Magdelene are mentioned first in the list of Confessors and Virgins in the litany of saints. However, a monastery of the Windesheim Congregation should be discarded because the calendar doesn't mention the name of St Augustine "patris nostri" at 28 August.
Ref. Kriezels, aubergines en takkenbossen, ed. by A. Korteweg. Zutphen, Walburg Pers,1992, pp. 42-48. - Van der Hoek, Klaas - "Antonis Rogiersz. Uten Broec. Een Verluchter uit Utrecht, werkzaam in de Zuidelijke en de Noordelijke Nederlanden", in Oud Holland, 117(3/4) (2004), pp. 119-136.
Prov. Sister Ermigert van der Marck (ms. entry, 16th c.).
We thank Dr Anne Korteweg for her kind help in preparing this entry.

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