Contemporary account of the Second Anglo-Dutch War

1248. [Netherlands - Naval battles]

Kort en bondigh verhael/ van 't geene in den oorlogh, tusschen den koningh van Engelant &c. de H:M: heeren Staten der vrye Vereenigde Nederlanden, en den bisschop van Munster is voorgevallen.

Amsterdam, M.W. Doornick, 1667

4to: 255-[1] pp. (some light browning).

Old vellum, flat spine, red edges. Very good copy.

Rare first edition of this important contemporary account of the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667), mostly fought out at sea. It contains i.a. accurate lists of all ships engaging in major naval battles (with their commander, number of canons and crew), an account of the seizing of New Amsterdam by the English (1664, containing one of the earliest printed mentions of the new name, "Nieuw Jorck" on p. 43), Michiel De Ruyter's voyages to West Africa and the West Indies (1664), the seizing of Suriname by the Dutch (1667) and the peace negotiations (1667). Engr. ill. (complete): large pl. on title showing a naval battle, 9 half-page pl. in-text showing naval battles or important events (i.a. Battle of Lowestoft, Battle of Vågen (1665), St James's Day Battle, the burning of West-Terschelling, the Great Fire of London (1666); Raid on the Medway, the burning of the English fleet at Rochester, publication of the Treaty of Breda (1667)), 1 double page pl. showing the fireworks along the Amsterdam canals after the Treaty of Breda and 3 folding pl. showing the naval Four Days' Battle (June 1666) with sm. medallion portraits of the commanders De Ruyter, Tromp and Monck, a "Pas-kaert vertoonende de Revier van London, en Rochester, 't eylandt Schapeij, en Chattam [...] daer de Nederlandtse vlooten hare aenslagen hebben uijt gevoert in 't iaer 1667" and the signing of the Treaty of Breda (August 1667). This book is considered historically as the most complete, authentic and valuable contemporary account of this conflict between the Dutch Republic and England for control over the seas and trade routes, in which the Dutch lost New Netherland, but acquired Suriname. In roman and Gothic type. Other issues were published the same year in Amsterdam by J. Benjamin and in Utrecht by G. Nieuwenhuysen.
Ref. Alden/Landis 667/90. - Sabin 38246. - Knuttel 9531. - STCN (i.a. BL).

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