507. [Manuscript map - Lippelo - Liezele]

WIRIX, Rumoldus

"Caerte figurative waer van de naem ofte gelegh van ieder parceel op dese caerte staet aengeteeckent".

Leuven, 1787

Drawing, pen and black ink, watercolour, laid paper, 126,5 x 197 cm (mounted on paper support, a few holes not affecting the image).

Framed (not studied outside frame).

Large manuscript map of the properties of land owner Anthonius Joannes Emanuel de Dieudonné, "Heere van Moorteren ende Thuenen" by R. Wirix (1742-1811), sworn land surveyor in Leuven. Wirix is renowned for the 140 maps he made for a register of the Augustine Abbey in Leuven, a work that took him more than 10 years. This map of Lippelo and Liezele was based upon information about the borders provided by A.J.E. de Dieudonné, a young lawyer who had only 4 years earlier graduated at Leuven University. According to Wirix, he made also a catalogue with the sizes of each parcel of land. The map shows the lands belonging to the Boneffe and Affligem Abbeys, as well as the tower of Puurs, a local mill and castle, presumably the Hof te Melis with the castle drive in Lippelo, and the nearby Hof te Moortere that belonged to Boneffe Abbey. The devise on top of the map "Fortiter et lucide" belongs to the Dieudonné de Corbeck-Loo family.
Ref. Bouwen door de eeuwen heen in Vlaanderen 13N3. - Wekelijks nieuws uit Loven, mede beschrijvinge diër stad. Leuven, J. Jacobs, 1782, p. 183.

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