Landmark of Renaissance Greek study


BUDÉ, Guillaume

Commentarii linguae Graecae. Ab eodem accurate recogniti, atque amplius tertia parte aucti.

Paris, R. Estienne, (24 December) 1548

Folio: 1109-[42-1 bl.] pp. (some soiling and spotting).

19th-c. Bradel, marbled paper covers (corners, turn-ins, edges and joints dulled).

Definitive edition (1st 1529) of one of the greatest Renaissance contributions to the study of Greek by the French humanist Budé (1467-1540). This posthumous ed., enlarged by more than one-third, is based on notes left by Budé on his own copy. The Greek parts are printed with an extensive use of the famous "grecs du roi" cut by the punchcutter Claude Garamond in Paris from 1540 and ordered by Robert Estienne on behalf of King Francis I of France. Large printer's mark on title
Ref. BP16 113037. - Schreiber 100. - Adams B-3096. - Pettegree (FB) 59414 = USTC 149947. - STC French (BL) 85.
Prov. Odet de Turnèbe (1552-1581), first president of the "Cour des monnaies" (ms. entry on title). - Clapiers de Collongues (mod. armorial bookpl.). - George Briscoe Kerferd (bookpl.). - Ms. entries.

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