685. [Spanish Low Countries]


2 letters signed.


2 bifolia (various sizes), on laid paper, in Spanish (cut short).

1. Albert of Austria - L.s. "Alberto" to the "contadores de la Sala de Cuentas" relating to Ambrosio Spinola and some difficulties linked to his charge of the "superintendencia de la hacienda". Brussels, 30 Jan. 1620. 1 p. Countersigned "Matheo Urquina" (Secretary of State and War in Flanders). - 2. Philip III of Spain - L.s. "yo El Rey" to the "Archiduque Alberto mi Hermano" evoking the services of Charles de Baudequin. 10 Oct. 1619. 1 p. Countersigned "Ju[an] de Cirica" (Secretary to the King). With a papered seal.

€ 300 / 400

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