By an enigmatic printing house

967. [Netherlands]

VERIUS, Johannes

Tres propositiones de conceptione beatae Mariae Virginis.

[Netherlands, s.n., after 16 Sept. 1497]

4to: [6] ff., 31 ll., Gothic types (a bit short at top just touching top line f. [4]v, top margin and bottom corner of title expertly repaired).

Mod. limp boards. Beautiful nicely rubricated copy.

Extremely rare 4th recorded copy of the only book by an enigmatic printing shop in the Northern Netherlands, using Lettersnider type A2. It produced only 2 editions: a letter of indulgence (1500 - ILC 1749) and the present treatise by a Spanish Dominican on the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin. The work is dated on paper evidence. With 4 nice woodcuts, finely coloured. "The two Marian woodcuts and the figure of the kneeling Johannes Verius are stylistically alike and have virtually the same dimensions, so that they can be assigned to a single series. The sidepiece with the kneeling figure on the title-page, however, was clearly taken from an as yet unknown woodcut and cannot be assigned to the same series". (Kok).
Ref. ISTC iv00233700 (3: Cambridge, Ghent, The Hague). - ILC 2169. - IDL 4629. - Oates 3633. - Polain 3917. - Kok (Woodcuts Incun. Low Countries) 317a.1-4. - Not in BMC, BSB-Ink, CIBN, Goff, etc.
Prov. Tiny collector’s mark at bottom of last p.

Prix de marteau: € 7.500

€ 8.000 / 10.000

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