DIX, Otto

Am Spiegel.


Drypoint, 34,8 x 27,8 cm (platemark), thick wove paper, signed in the plate on the lower left, pencil titled, dated and monogrammed in the lower margin, unnumbered, collector's stamp on verso.

Dix became popular with this technique when he began to abandon late Expressionism - a burlesque experimental interlude - turning to a grotesque realistic style. The etching "Am Spiegel" was made in 1922, two years after he had discovered the technique for himself. With a swift line and an ironic wink Dix sketched the aging beauty and delivers proof of his subtle eye for "real" people.
Ref. Freya Mühlhaupt, Otto Dix. Das graphische Werk. Berlin 2001, p. 17.
Prov. Albert Van Loock (stamp, Lugt 3751).

Prix de marteau: € 11.000

€ 3.000 / 4.000

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