1217. [Astronomy - Surveying]


Horoscopion Apiani generale dignoscendis horis cuiuscumque generis aptissimum, neque id ex sole tantum interdiu, sed & noctu ex luna, aliisque planeris & stellis quibusdam fixis [...]. His accedit distantiar[um], altitudinum, & profunditatum per idem hoc instrumentum dimetiendarum ratio longe accuratissima & ingeniosa [...].

Ingolstadt, P. Apianus, 1533

Folio: [20] ff. + extra leaf with repeat of title woodcut (toned, occasional spotting).

Mod. quarter calf, sp. paper covers. Excellent copy.

First edition of Apian’s description of one of his scientific inventions, the "horoscopion", an instrument in the form of a quadrant for calculating the time by day or night, and for measuring distances, heights and depths. It also contains the only known European depiction of Bedouin constellations. An abridged German translation of parts 1 and 2 appeared in the "Instrumentbuch", publ. within months of this edition. Pt. 3 contains a short illustrated treatise on various problems of surveying. Dodgson ascribed some of the fine woodcuts to Hans Brosamer and Michael Ostendorfer. Large title woodcut (repeated on extra f.), almost full-page Zodiac woodcut (f. 11r), and over 25 woodcuts in text (i.a. 18 of surveying). Title in red and black.
Ref. VD-16 A-3085. - Van Ortroy 100. - Stalla 80. - Zinner 1512. - Adams A-1290. - Ind. Aurel. 106.416. - STC German (BL) 37.

€ 4.500 / 5.000

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