108. [Architecture]

DE DOBBELEER, Jean-Baptiste

Collection of 22 architectural drawings and sketches.

[Paris, 1809-1813]

Overall graphite, pen and ink, with red and pink wash, on laid drawing paper. Some signed and dated.

Drawings and sketches which mostly date from De Dobbeleer's student years in Paris. In 1809 he enroled in a course taught by Léon Dufourny (1754-1818) at the "École Spéciale d'Architecture" in Paris. The drawings are exercises in neo-classical architectural idioms; incl. Palladian villas, classical temples, a pyramid-shaped tomb, porticoes in the style of Michelangelo, chimney-pieces, circular staircases, a church lantern resembling Borromini's Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome, a drawing with the elevation and ground plan of Soufflot's Panthéon and Andrea Palladio's Villa Rotonda, a drawing with ground-plan and elevation for new barracks in Milan, dated 1812, Serlian colonnades, and a drawing for a "concours d'architecture" at the Académie de Bruxelles.
Prov. Private collection De Dobbeleer family.
Joined: The original poster advertising the course on architecture, mathematics, stereometry and construction by Dufourny; a list of courses in 2 pages, dated December 1811; an engraving depicting the five Classical Orders, possibly from Jacques-François Blondel's "Cours d'Architecture", publ. 1777; An Imperial Decree by Napoleon, dated 1806; a printed concordance list for measuring scales in the newly introduced metric system, dated 1806; handwritten table: "Tableau indicatif des principales proportions et dimensions employées dans les édifices et batimens [sic]". (28 pcs)

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