106. [Architecture]

DE DOBBELEER, Jean-Baptiste

Bonaparte docks of Antwerp.

Antwerp, 1809

Overall pen and ink, with pink, blue and green wash, on laid drawing paper. Various sizes and conditions. Mostly large format. Some signed.

1 large ground plan and 3 smaller plans for the construction of the new "Bonaparte" docks in the north of Antwerp. They show four variations of the same project. The plans include scales, legends and measurements. The actual dry docks were eventually completed between 1811 and 1813, under the direction of Napoleon's main engineer Nicolas Mengin, who must have based his own plans on De Dobbeleer's earlier proposed projects. One of the plans is dated 12 September 1809. Jean-Baptiste De Dobbeleer (1784 - ca. 1856), was a Belgian architect-engineer appointed as "Inspecteur des Ponts et Chaussées du département des Deux Nèthes" and Provincial architect of Antwerp.
Prov. Private collection De Dobbeleer family.

Lots 105 to 119 are sold separately.
Upon completion of the temporary attribution of all lots, it will be possible to acquire the whole series for the total of the hammer prices plus a minimum of 10%.

De loten 105-119 worden apart geveild.
Na de voorlopige toewijzing van het laatste lot kan men de volledige reeks verwerven door een bod uit te brengen dat het totaal van de voorlopige hamerprijzen met minstens 10% overstijgt.

Les lots 105 à 119 sont vendus séparément.
Après l'attribution provisoire du dernier lot, se présente la possibilité d'acquérir l'ensemble des lots pour la totalité des prix marteaux plus 10% (au moins).

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