570. [Cosmography]

4 maps from J. Andriveau Goujon's "Atlas Universel".

Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, s.d

4 engr., 50,5 x 65,5 and 48 x 60,5 cm, coloured.


Four attractive solar system plates from J. Andriveau-Goujon's "Atlas Classique et Universel de Géographie ancienne et moderne" (Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, s.d.). Showing various celestial models, the orbits of the planets around the sun, a chart of the solar system incl. the theory of seasons, the phases of the moon etc. J. Andriveau-Goujon is the editor's name of J. Andriveau, after he married the daughter of book dealer Jean Goujon.
1. "Cosmographie générale." Pl. 2 by E. Soulier de Sauve. (Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, s.d.). - 2. Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1853. Pl. 3. - 3. "Révolution annuelle de la terre autour du soleil." Pl. 4. by H. Nicollet. Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1854. - 4. "Phases et mouvements de la lune." Pl. 5 by E. Soulier de Sauve. Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1851.

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