60. [Flemish school]

After David II TENIERS

The Alchemist.

Late 18th c

Oil on silverly metal, 21 x 25,3 cm, unsigned (new varnish, some brown spots at upper left corner sm. cracquelures under varnish layer).


An alchemist distracted from his study, in a room filled with tools and scientific objects. Ever since Pieter Bruegel's depiction of the profession (see Lot 228), the subject witnessed a growing popularity which peaked at the start of the 17th century. Compositions with alchemists in their studies were produced throughout the following centuries. The present painting is a copy after a composition by David II Teniers now in the Mauritshuis, The Hague (inv. 261). Originally in the private collection of Willem V of Oranje-Nassau but confiscated by the French and transported to Paris in 1795. At that time, both J.- L. Pérée and J. Couché reproduced it in engravings (1804). Unlike the latter engravings, our painting is mirrored vis-à-vis the original Teniers painting.

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