746. [Liturgy - Mâcon]

Breviary. Use of Mâcon.

[Eastern France (Mâcon), c. 1440-1450]

Latin manuscript on vellum, c. 14,5 x 10 cm, writing area c. 9,5 x 6,8 cm, [470] ff. (pencil foliation), orig. foliation in red ink [6]-ciiii (= 104)-ccclxxii (= 372) ff., professionally written in dark brown and red ink, in 2 col. of 27 ll., in a French gothic littera currens of 2 sizes.

19th-c. gilt havanna morocco, covers with frames of gilt ruled borders and sm. corner pieces, gilt-titled flat spine with similar pattern, double gilt ruled border on sides and inside, a.e.g. (fading), silk markers; kept in chestnut morocco box (sm. def. at left bottom corner of front cover, spine sl. tanned; titling errors on spines of manuscript "Missale Romanum MS" and of box "Breviariun"). In excellent condition (single wormholes in final ff.).

Contents: Calendar with numerous rubricated saints’ feasts (1r-6v); Psalter (7r-84v); Litany of Saints (84v-86v); Hymns (87r-105r, 105v blank); Officium Temporale (106r-336v); Officium Sanctorum (337r-453v); "Communia" (454r-470v). Lacunae: some 23 decorated ff. missing (between ff. 17-18, 29-30, 35-36, 43-44, 86-87, 105-106, 122-123 [Christmas], 144-145 [Epiphany], 223-224 [Easter], 248-249 [Ascension], 257-258 [Pentecost], 267, 268, 336-337, 386-387, 405-406, 413-414, 435-436, 439-440, 453-454); as well as at least 9 ff. at the end (Officium Beatae Virginis and Officium Mortuorum).
Date: 15th-c. script; decoration from after 1435.
Origin: "Sanctorale" and a number of typical liturgical elements identical with the Missale Matisconense of 1493, with specific saints for Mâcon (Vincent, Gerard of Mâcon, Innocent Martyr); the Calendar possibly taken from another manuscript, with typical saints of the northern part of the diocese, such as Autun.
Decoration: 10 large initials (6-7-lines) and 1 border decoration painted in colour, esp. blue, green, (pale) purple, brown, heigthened with gold, and with some floral border decoration: 4 historiated initials with sm. miniatures, 7r (King David playing harp), 23v (King David in ecstasy), 51r (three monks at a lectern), 60r (Holy Trinity), and 6 decorated initials in blue and gold with floral penwork (ff. 123r, 263v, 357v, 372v, 394r, 406r; bottom margin of 394r with Peter and Paul and an unidentified coat of arms ("d’argent au lion de geules à dextre"); numerous sm. initials (1-2 ll.) in blue or red.

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