646. [World - Globes]

ADAMS, Georges

A pair of 18-inch English globes.

[London], s.n., [1766]

Each globe composed of 12 copper engraved gores with total diam. 45,7 cm, heightened (gores and spheres with restorations, slightly browned).

Mounted in mahogany tripod stands, with graduated brass meridians and magnetic compasses.

Original globes by Georges Adams dedicated to King George III, but remounted in a c. 1800 tripod typically for the new edition by his son Dudley Adams. This pair of globes was designed to implement his newly developed methods for solving problems with globes complying with the Copernican hypothesis; these were published in "A treatise describing and explaining the construction and use of new celestial and terrestrial globes" (1766). The terrestrial globe shows the route of George Anson's voyage round the world between 1740-1744. The constellations in the southern hemisphere on the celestial globe are based on Nicolas de Lacaille's observations at the Cape of Good Hope between 1750-1752 and the entries in John Flamsteed's stellar catalogue. The new constellations were named after scientific instruments in Adams' private collection. Ref. Tooley I:7. - Dekker 54, 245.

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