891. [Erasmus - Binding]

Three very rare publications on the Ottoman Empire, Africa and Portugal, printed in Wien, Nürnberg and Hamburg.

8vo: (somewhat short, hole in blank bottom margin of Erasmus title, Vagetius toned).

17th-c. gold-tooled red morocco (ascribed to the French royal binder Luc-Antoine Boyet, 1658-1733), covers with gilt oval central arms and triple ruled border, richly gilt spine on 5 raised bands, gilt sides, marbl. edges, in (mod.) red morocco box. Good copy.

1. Erasmus, Desiderius – Utilissima consultatio de bello Turcis inferendo, & obiter enarratus Psalmus XXVIII (...). Wien, H. Vietor for U. Alantsee, June 1530. 112-[7, 1 bl.] pp. Very early ed. of Erasmus’ advice on war against the Turks, together with a short essay on Psalm 28. On pp. 111-[119] his autobibliography “Index omnium Erasmi Roterodami lucubrationum”. Ref. VD-16 E-3652. - Erasmus Online 1376. - Ind. Aurel. 162.544. - Adams E-545. - Bezzel 1811. - Göllner (Turcica) 372. - Not in De Reuck, STC German (BL). - 2. [Teixeira, José, O.P.] – Historia de bello Africano, in quo Sebastianus (...) Portugalliae Rex, periit ad diem 4. Aug. Anno 1578. Una cum ortu et familia regum, qui nostro tempore in illis Africae regionibus imperium tenuerunt, Latin trsl. from the Portuguese Joannes Thomas Freigius. Nürnberg, K. Gerlach & Heirs of J. von Berg (Montanus), 1580. [36] ff. + 2 folding engravings (i.a. map of Portugal). Very rare Latin trsl. by the German humanist Freigius (1543-1583) of the history of the Portuguese king Sebastian I (1554-1578) who disappeared (presumably killed in action) in the battle of Alcácer Quibir on 4 August 1578. Katharina Gerlach was one of the first woman printers in Germany. Ref. VD-16 T-298. - STC German 806. - Cp. Adams F-1009 and Palau 328.857 (1581 ed.). - 3. Vagetius, Joachim – Anatolius Horothetes sive De regni Turcici periodo diascepsis. Cum prolegomenis de religionum, imprimis orientalium, varietate. Hamburg, P. Lange, 1611. 128 pp. Rare treatise on the Ottoman Empire and its religion(s) by J. Vagetius (1585-1613). Woodcut ornament on title and at the end. Ref. VD-17 23:273085N. - Paisey (BL) V-12. Prov. From the famous collection of Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683), Louis XIV’s Minister of Finances, with his arms (on covers), cypher (on spine), and ownership entry on title. - Monastic ownership entries on Vagetius title. - Collector’s stamps i.a. on all titles.

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