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[Album amicorum Georges De Graeve].

Antwerp, April 1987

49 bifolio with text or drawing on the 1st page.

In 2 black wooden boxes (37 x 51 x 10 cm), each decorated with a chipboard metal sculpture most probably by Paul De Vierman (signed "PDV": bust of men with the brasilian hat "chapéu de couro" above the inscriptions "liber" on the 1st box and "amicorum" on the 2nd), with upper and side entries.

Album made for the director of the "B[ritish]P[etroleum] Gallery" in Antwerp. Contents: 2 titles (Dutch and French) in delicate handwriting, 1 text by Roger Avermaete and 2 poems by Remi de Cnodder followed by 2 engravings (by Joan Aghib and 1 with illegible sign.) and 42 original compositions on full page, using various techniques (drawing with black, sanguine or coloured pencils, watercolour, ink wash drawing, gouache, acrylic paint, black stone, oil-based drawing, drawing with metal or plastic embeddings, etc.), all signed (5 illegible signatures) and dated, some with title. Artists mostly from Antwerp: Dominique Ampe, Martin R. Baeyens, Irène Battaille, Gaston Bogaert, Chantal Coppieters 't Wallant, Albert De Deken (2 sheets), Jacky De Maeyer, Dirk De Middeleer, Roger Dewint (on double page), Jan Dierckx (2 sheets), Annie Distexhe, Denis Dolphyn, Dusan Dzamonia, Daniel Fauville, Maurice Frydman (double page), André Goezu, Ivan Good, Jan Glorieus, Théo Humblet, Simonetta Jung, Jacqueline Lardinois, Monika Lenssens, Monique Muylaert, Herman Muys, May Néama, Antoine Poncet, Rik Poot, Maurice Potier (2, each on double page), Man Ruys, Christian Sylvain, Linou Truffino-Crabeels, Frank van Bommel, Thomas Van Gindertael and Paul Van Hoeydonck (photographs of animals in Antwerp zoo in a montage).

€ 2.000 / 3.000

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