SCHMIDT, Samuel Heinrich

De doorlughtige weereld, voorstellende een zeer nette genealogische, historische en politische beschrijvingh aller tegenwoordig levende keyseren, koningen, vorsten, en graven, nevens de staten en republiquen des geheelen aerd bodems [...] [trsl. by S. de Vries]. Eerste [- Derde] deel.

Amsterdam, F. Halma, J. van Oosterwijck, 1700

3 vol., 8vo: [40]-725-[3], 631-[9], 512-[13] pp. (sm. holes in ill. vol. II pp. 301 & 504 due to oxidation of cont. green).

Cont. Dutch luxury binding by the De Wilde Bindery (Amsterdam, 1692-96 - 1718): red morocco, richly gilt decorated covers with large central gilt ornament within double gilt orn. border and gilt tools, richly gilt spines on 6 raised bands, gilt sides, a.e.g., gilt inside dentelles (corners bumped, joints sl. rubbed, sm. def. on spines, head vol. I dam.). Very good copy in a nice binding.

Survey of the contemporary political organisation of the world, listing all heads of state, with their coats-of-arms, genealogy, etc. "Simon de Vries (1624-1708), himself a school-teacher and bookseller, supplied his pupils and the general public with historical and scientific compilations and translations. The largest part treats the Royal or Noble Reigning Houses of Europe, followed by the Republics, and at the end the Royal Houses outside Europe are added, like the Kings of Morocco and Abysinia, the Grand-Mogul, the Emperors of China and Japan, etc." (Forum). Engr. ills: allegorical frontisp., vignette on 3 titles by J. van Vianen, headpiece to the dedication by J. Goeree, 5 pl. with armorial models, headpiece to the beginning of text by J. van Vianen, 5 pls with 10 to 12 coat-of-arms, 132 large coats-of-arms in text, 2 folding plates, one with emblems of chivalric orders, the other with a ship in full sail, and 14 full-page pls with ship's flags of all nations. Except for the first arm. model and 1 title vign., the present copy has all ills in cont. delicate handcolouring. Prov. STCN. - BL. - Storm van Leeuwen (Dutch decorated bookbinding in the Eighteenth century) I:218-225. - Not in Bn-Opale plus.

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