Parthenice prima, sive Mariana [ed. Caesar de Nappis].

Bologna, Fr. de Benedictis for B. Hectoris, 17 October 1488

[70] ff., 25/37 ll. (occ. minor spotting or soiling, a few stains in 1st ff.) [bound with] ID. - De suorum temporum calamitatibus [ed. Franciscus Cretus] [and] Contra poetas impudice loquentes. Bologna, Fr. de Benedictis for himself and B. Hectoris, 1 April 1489. [64] ff., 25 ll. [and with] ID. - Parthenice secunda, sive Catharinaria [ed. Franciscus Cretus]. Ibidem, 9 February 1489. [44] ff., 25/39 ll. 3 works in 1 vol., 4to.

Old blind-stamped Italian binding, leather over wood, edges bevelled inside, covers with blind rectangular frames and borders, spine on 3 raised bands, metal clasps and catches (rubbed, repaired). Exc. copy.

Editio princeps on one of the most popular Neo-Latin poems by the prolific Carmelite Battista Mantovano (1447-1516). Printed in roman type. Capital spaces with guide-letters. Decoration: on c1r a 6-line initial in red, blue, green, and light brown penwork on a gilt background, with gilt border in top, bottom and inner margin; top and bottom margin with red, blue, and green floral penwork with gilt dots; at bottom a blank central circle with green pen border. Ref. 1. ISTC ib00058000. - GW 3276. - Goff B-58. - Polain 4182. - BMC VI:823. - CIBN B-42. - BSB-Ink B-52. - 2. ISTC ib00089000. - GW 3246. - Goff B-89. - Polain 484. - BMC VI:823. - CIBN B-57. - BSB-Ink B-38. - 3. ISTC ib00066000. - GW 3290. - Goff B-66. - BMC VI:823. - CIBN B-50. - BSB-Ink B-56. - Not in Polain. Prov. “Hic liber est Arnaldj de Bernesse, datus per fr[at]rem Paulu[m] de Noualara” (cont. inscription on lower endpaper). - [George Petit].

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