Cantata per la venuta in Ragusa di Sua Eccellenza Augusto Marmont [...]. Umiliata da Domenico Garagnin [...].

Dubrovnik, A. Martecchini, 1810

Folio (22,5 x 33 cm): 23 pp.; 5 drawings.

Contemporary pink silk, silver thread embroidered coat of arms of Aug. Marmont, border and floral garlands on front cover, matching large central monogram on lower cover, ivory silk inner covers, pink silk marker. Housed in a marbled leather pull-off case (wears).

Exquisite presentation copy printed on vellum, most likely for Aug. Frédéric Viesse de Marmont (1774-1852). The governor of Dubrovnik, Dominik Garagnin, offered this cantata to him on his arrival in Ragusa (= Dubrovnik). This General and Marshal of France was military and civil governor of Dalmatia for five years, during which time he was made Duke of Ragusa in 1808. Poetry by Giambattista Rosani, local teacher of "belles lettres" and Greek; music by Tommaso Resti, Neapolitan choirmaster. Finely illustrated with 5 drawings (black chalk, grey ink pen): frontispiece representing the mythological figure of Fame (10 x 7,5 cm), two views on Dubrovnik (same sizes) and one headpiece and initial, repeated. Ref. BL. Prov. Henri Beraldi (bookpl. on leather). - Mention of purchase in Dec. 1934. - [Georges Petit].

€ 5.000 / 7.000

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