Album amicorum of J.G. Lafont.

Leiden, 1774 [-1801]

Oblong manuscript on laid paper, c. 12 x 18 cm, 200 pp. (incl. many blanks) + 25 blank ff. + 3 ff. with a (failed) attempt at index (a few erasures on front flyleaf and p. 19).

Cont. richly gold-tooled red morocco, covers with gilt ornamental border, large central ornament and corner pieces, gilt spine on 4 raised bands, gilt sides, gilt inside dentelles, Goldbrokat endpapers, a.e.g. In excellent condition.

Album amicorum of the preacher of the Église Wallonne J.G. Lafont (1757-1819), from his student days in Leiden (1774) to his (final) stay in Middelburg (1801), containing 29 inscriptions and 3 drawings (pp. 25, 28, 29). Texts in Latin (by i.a. P.H. Marron, J. Valckenaer, and a long poem copied after P. Burmannus sec.), French (by i.a. J. Muntendam, Middelburg; quotations from Pope, Voltaire etc.), German, English (a verse quotation) and Dutch (i.a. poem by A.J. Vereyck with a gilt acrostich). Place names (in chronological order): Leiden (1774-1779), Maastricht (1779-1780), ‘s-Hertogenbosch (1786-1788), Dieppe (1794), Harderwijk (1797-1798), Middelburg (1800-1801). Lafont also was vice-president of the Zeeuwsch Genootschap. Prov. "Album amicorum J.G. Lafont" and "Anno 1774" (respect. on front and lower cover). - [Georges Petit].

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