90 devotional prints on paper and on vellum.

End 18th - begin 19th c

Various sizes, biggest +/- 14,5 x 10 cm, smallest 3,5 x 4,5 cm. Some of the prints on paper sl. soiled or folded, some corners torn off.

Mounted on paper and kept under plastic in an album.

Nice collection of devotional images, i.a. 1 oval watercol. representing the evangelist John, 1 "dressed" image and 1 adorned with metallic paper featuring St. Agnes and St. Rosina. Engraved devotional images, b/w and coloured on paper and +/- 10 on vellum. Some names of saints and beatified: Saints Francis and Ludovicus, the Holy Family, Saint Augustin, Thomas Aquinas, Ursmer, Our Lady of Hanswijck, Xaverius, Sebastian, Odilia, Stanislas Kostka... Some engravers and/or printers: M. Bund, C. De Boudt, Ph. van Merlen, L. Fruijtiers, C. Galle, F. Huberti, etc.

€ 300 / 400

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