290. [Law]


[Codicis [...] ex repetita praelectione libri XII. ex fide antiq. exemplarium [...] à Grego. Haloandro diligentissime purgati recognitique [...]].

(Paris, Charlotte Guillard, 1542)

2 (of 3) vol., 8vo (n.c., vol. I, title and prelims missing in vol. II; marg. damp stain in begin. of vol. II and end of vol. III, womtrack(s) and wormhole(s) at the end of vol. III, mostly marg.).

Contemp. limp vellum ill. with 19th-c. drawings in colour, titled in ink on front covers, flat spines.

Edited by Gregor Haloander (1501-1531), German legal scholar. Copy with long notes in Latin on flyleaves by a 16th-c. student and with drawings on binding figuring the allegory of Justice, a lawyer and a guard, and an amusing scene of torture with above "Justitia".
Prov. [Unreadable] François (contemp. or 17th-c. (?) ms. entry on front cover of vol. III). - Dacqueville, Caen (17th-c. ms. entry).

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