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261. [Cartographic oddities - Russia]

HOGENBERG, Frans; ORTELIUS, Abraham (after); JENKINSON, Anthony (after)

Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae Descriptio Auctore Antonio Ienkensono Anglo edita Londini 1562 & dedicata illustriss D. Henrico Sydneo Wallie presidi.

Engr., 36,3 x 45,7 cm, coloured.

A striking fake exactly as described by the connoisseurs! This map of Russia, based on Anthony Jenkinson's rare map of Russia drawn in 1562, has 2 watermarks instead of one as usual (cf. Briquet 4305/07 but with lettering, not in Gravell), the plate mark is c. 5 mm outside the printed image instead of on the edge, the colour is pale without any green bleeding, there is no text, nor traces of guards on the back.
Ref. Van den Broecke 162. -

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