Sketchbook A.


Folio: [29] ff. + [7] ff. "tête-bêche", drawings and preparatory studies, mainly in pastel, some hand-coloured or with brown wash, occ. in pencil, 1 in sepia ink, 1 in red chalk, most monogrammed "CDA", usually dated, some with captions in French (some ff. loose).

Coth (sm. lacks to spine).

Very nice album composed of drawings of Oriental women and men, mother with child, women, musicians (one accordionist), men in Renaissance costumes, full-length portrait of his mentor Louis Gallait (hand-coloured), a couple walking in a park with a dog, two men with hat walking in a park, two captioned: "Condamnés aux travaux forcés" fig. monkeys in a circus and "Les figues", etc. Also with studies of hands, lions, dogs, boats (with indications), etc. One with mention "Academy".
The Italian painter coming from Piran (Slovenia) Cesare Dell'Acqua (1821-1905), arrived in Brussels around 1848 where he continued his studies with the painter and engraver Louis Gallait (1810-1887). Between 1852 and 1877 he completed a number of commissioned works in Trieste which established his reputation as a painter. Maximilian I asked him for some paintings to decorate the Miramare Castle. In Brussels the works he exhibited enjoyed a very favourable response and he received commissions from prominent families in Brussels, such as Errera, van Wambecke and van der Elst. Cesare Dell'Acqua is known for his works representing important historical events and Orientalism. Some of the drawings were probably exercises he made as a student in Brussels.

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