793. [Devotion]

Album with 37 devotional prints.

Engravings, ca. 12,5 x 9,5 cm or sl. smaller, on parchment, all in b/w, one in red.

Kept in plastic folders in a ring-binder.

Signed by: Jacobus de Man, Hieronymus Wierx, L. Fruytiers, J. Verbruggen, L. Galle, Cor. van Merlen, Michiel Cabbaey, Anna Maria , A. Goetiers, Franc. Huberti, Cor de Boudt, Jo. Van Sande, Ar. Wielans, Charles Neel, Michiel Bunel, etc. Depicted are: scenes from the life of Christ, saints such as St Lucia, St Hieronimus, St Monica, St Elisabetha Regina, St Mater Teresia, St Xaverius, St Pauli, S. Augustinus, St Thomas Aquinas, St Franciscus, St Thadeus, St Ioannes, St Ioannes Baptista, St Maria Magdalena, St Aloysius, St Franciscus de Paula, St Wenefride, St Bartholomaeus, St Casimirus, St Susanna, St Petrus, etc.

€ 1.500 / 2.000

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