King Kong.

Paris, Éts Saint-Martin imp., [1933?]

Offset, 155 x 114 cm (folds, some tears in the margins, strengthening pieces on verso).

Good general condition.

Extremely rare poster for the original movie in black and white showing the giant gorilla taking a naked woman up on a modern city.
Joined: 1. King Kong. Je pobjegao. [1967?]. Offset, 69 x 49,5 cm (folds). Original poster for the movie "King Kong escapes" by Ishiro Honda and Arthur Rawkin showing the giant gorilla destroying the city of London. - 2. King Kong [...]/ Un film de/ een film van/ John Guillermin. Bruxelles, Lichtert, [1976]. (Folds). Original poster showing the giant gorilla on the top of a building, taking a woman and smashing a plane. These are all original posters, no reproductions. (3 pcs)

€ 400 / 500

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