465. [Globe - Celestial]

DELAMARCHE, Charles-François. BION, Nicholas (after)

Globe céleste dans lequel les étoiles fixes sont placées comme elles sont à présent suivant les derniers observations des plus célèbres astronomes de ce temps.

Paris, Delamarche, before 1805

12 copper engr. gores on a sphere, diam. 18 cm, hand-coloured (very sl. rubbed).

Supported in a graduated papier-mâché meridian ring with on top a small graduated hour ring with a metal pointer. Mounted in a papier-mâché horizon ring. Ebony baluster stand, overall height ca. 40 cm (with a few sm. wormholes).

Rare French table top globe, produced by the most succesful French entrepreneur in globemaking, Ch.-Fr. Delamarche (1740-1817), when his company was still housed in "Rue du Foin St. Jacques" which he left in 1805. Delamarche - known because of the takeover of the shops of many of his local competitors, i.e. D. Robert de Vaugondy, J. Fortin and J. Lattré - made use here of Nicholas Bion (1652–1733)'s formerly published gores (copie BnF).
Ref. The History of Cartography, Vol. 4, p. 569. - Not in Dekker, BnF (only the gores by N. Bion: GE D-12624), Globenmuseum Wien.

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