3 movable engravings to explore the winding interiors of the human body

1346. [Medicine - Anatomy]


3 anatomical plates from "Catoptrum Microcosmicum, suis aere incisis visionibus splendens, cum historia, et pinace, de novo prodit".

Engraving, 36,5 x 26,6 cm (12 unstuck pieces, margins rather clumsily cut, pl. somewhat soiled).

Loose on loose cardboard and black paper support, in plastic folders.

Three plates from the 17th-c. anatomical multi-layered flap book published by Johann Remmelin (1583-1632) and engraved by the Augsburg artist Lucas Kilian. The sheets consist of dozens of superimposed flaps so the viewer can virtually dissect the male and female bodies revealing underlying layers that illustrate the organs, blood vessels and bones. For each engraving flaps cover a new series of flaps depicting individual internal organs. Due to extensive use of the flap mechanism, we cannot be sure there have been no losses to the many small parts. The engravings were first printed and distributed in 1613. In contrast to subsequent editions the 1613 printing did not include any text. The text without illustrations followed the next year. After these first pirated editions the first authorised edition appeared in 1619. The present engravings are the only 3 plates present in the 1619 edition and echo the popular "Adam and Eve" theme. The title "Catoptrum Microcosmicum" is derived from the Ancient Greek Katoptrov: a mirror into a small world, the world of the interior of a human being, opposed to the Macrocosmicum, or the Great World of the Divine.
Ref. Wellcome I:5418. - Krivatsy 9551. - VD17 12:177320S. - Choulant-Frank, p. 232. - Bibl. Walleriana 7884.

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