679. [Nobility - Antwerp]

Manuscript genealogy and armorial of the Vermoelen family, Antwerp.

[Antwerp?, ca. 1800]

Folio (48 x 29,5 cm): [4]-14-[10 bl.]-23 pp., on paper, in French, pen and brown ink, coats of arms enhanced with watercolour (sl. browning, marg. soiling, occ. marg. tears repaired without loss).

Contemp. half sheep cased binding, parchment boards covered with marbled paper (used, rubbed, partly disbound).

Descending genealogy of Adrien Vermoelen (†1462), preceded by the "Copie autentique d'attestation d'armoiries ici jointes" (act dated Brussels, 13 Oct. 1716) with full-page large coat of arms, and numerous coats of arms all throughout. With an unachieved supplement on loose lvs, same format, made in the 20th c.: 8 pp. on wove paper (black pencil) and 14 pp. on paper Canon & Montgolfier (watercoloured coats of arms, without text), and with four 19th-c. obituary (1 marriage) notices in attachment. In 1749, the Empress Maria Theresa granted hereditary nobility to Philippe Emmanuel Vermoelen, Lord of Theewinkel, Grand Chaplain of Antwerp. In 1767 she granted hereditary nobility of the Holy Roman Empire to Jean François Vermoelen and in 1768 the same recognition within the Southern Netherlands.
Ref. Annuaire de la noblesse de Belgique 1898, II:2407.
Joined, 10 doc. mainly on the same family: - 6 ms. geneal. or bibliogr. notes with some heraldic sketches. 19th-20th c. Various sizes, on paper. - "Fondatie, Zegerus van Houtsum, Antwerpen. 2 familie beursen [...]". 19th c. Ms. table, 43 x 34,5 cm: 2 pp., on paper (folds, tear without loss). - Passport for "Don Juan Jorge Vermoelen", United Kingdom of the Netherlands consul in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, 23 Nov. 1830. Folio, printed with handwritten entries, stamp. - Ms. copy of Maria Theresia's letters patent of nobility for Jean François Vermoelen. 20th c. Folio: [3] pp., on wove paper, full-page watercoloured coat of arms (unachieved). - 8 wax armorial seals (3 in double copy) on the back of a 19th-c. obituary notice (some sl. cracked but complete). Arms of Baron de Schilde; Ullens Lord of Halle, Pull et Gelmelen; Halle, Voorschoten and Massenhoven; Broechem. - Engraving from "Le grand théâtre sacré du duché de Brabant": recumbent statue of Erardo de Cotereau and Maria de Renesse, with Vermoelen's coat of arms. [1734?]. Folio, 31,5 x 20,5 cm (browning, marg. folds). (11 pcs)

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