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Naval instrument from the "Anversville".

1st half 20th c

Metal disk on bakelite (?) base, diam. 60 cm, signed "Anversville", with wooden dial.

Wooden box (64,5 x 64,5 cm).

Nice instrument for measurements related to tonnage, draft and stability of a liner, incl. the deadweight tonnage, the metacentric height (GM) and the number of feet. Original from one of the large liners of the "Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo" (CBMC), founded in 1895 and providing a regular maritime connection with Congo Free State. There were 2 liners named "Anversville", the 1st produced by Sir Raylton Dixon (Middlesbrough) sailing between 1899 and 1906, the 2nd by Alex Stephen & Sons (Glasgow) between 1912 and 1938. This instrument was probably part of this second ship.

Hammer price: € 240

€ 200 / 300

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