1167. [Mathematics - Optics - Geometry]


[Mathematicum opus absolutissimum]. 3 works bound together assembling 200 engr. geometrical, optical and architectural plates.


Old overl. vellum, flat spine (def. at spine).

Gathering of 3 early editions by the French-Dutch mathematician and military engineer who is best known for his work on perspective, S. Marolois (ca. 1572-1627) and his predecessor Jan Vredeman de Vries (1527-ca. 1606/08), all corrected and revised by Albert Girard.
1. Marolois, S. - Mathematicorum sui seculi facile principis, opticae sive Perspectivae pars prima [...]. Amst., at the expense of J. Janssonius, 1633. [4]-50 pp.; 80 double-page pl. (lower corners of 1st pl. rounded). Some plates by Henricus Hondius, incl. two views of castles (n. 52-53) and 6 views of buildings in Rome (n. 54-59) in roundels, after the drawings by Petrus Stephanus, all bearing the additional numbers CLXXXIII-CXC.
2. Vredeman de Vries, J. - Perspectiva theoretica ac practica [- pars II]. [...]. Amst., (at the expense of J. Janssonius, 1633 (first part)-1632. [2]-15-[1 bl.]; 49 double-page engr. pl. (engr. num. 33 & 34 on one double-page pl.), [2]-19/24 pp.; 24 double-page engr. pl. (tears in pl. 24 underlaid and repaired). Some pl. signed by Hondius or with the monogram "BD", i.e. Bartholomeus Willemsz. Dolendo.
3. Marolois, S. - Mathematicorum sui seculi facile principis, geometria theoretica ac practica [...]. Amst., at the expense of J. Janssonius, 1633. [2]-51 pp.; 47 double-page engr. pl., numb. 1-42 and 1-5 (some plates browned, tear in blank margin of pl. 1).
Magnificent series of plates illustrating perspective, optics, architectural motifs and techniques, etc. Marolois' great collection of plates first appeared in 1615, published by H. Hondius, whose brother-in-law, J. Janssonius took over his establishment. They in turn drew upon plates on perspective created by Jan Vredeman de Vries. Marolois' various works thus present a wonderful selection of 16th- and early 17th-architectural designs, theatre motifs, geometric diagrams, fortress design, etc.
Ref. STCN (contains also Marolois' "Geometrie" & "Fortification" and Vredeman de Vries' "Architectura"). - Bierens Haan 3031 (3). - Cp. Bierens de Haan 3034 (2). - Hollstein XLVIII:517-591:13 (Vredeman de Vries).

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